Monday, November 19, 2007

You-know-what is 36 days away!

Okay, so I have begun shopping for Christmas.

With an expected temp of 37 degrees celcius today, hanging around at home in front of the fan didn't really appeal. We needed to do the monthly grocery shop anyway, so Melissa and I headed for the air conditioned shopping centre, did our raid at the supermarket and then we went shopping!

I had ideas for gifts for everyone and can safely say I have made a good start. Despite feeling that we only just did all this (excuse me, have you seen my lost time?) I guess it is time to make some plans. We will all be home together again this year, after Melissa was away for TWO Christmases, so our special traditions will be extra special. Right now, it is time to set dates to go to the Tree farm and hit the city for our Santa photo and the Christmas windows.

I guess I should start photographing my Christmas album, as I want to get the pics online from December 1st.

Am I "doing" cards this year? Still undecided. Are E-cards an okay way to go, with actual cards just for a few special people? Is this not just a continuation of the evolution in communications over the past decade or so? Sigh ...

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