Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Grey Water Gator!

I am so excited! I have just installed the solution to getting our washing machine water directly to the garden without involving buckets (and ME!)

I have even installed it myself!!!! That's how simple it is. Right now, while Kaitlyn has her washing churning away in the machine, my drip watering system is being fed directly with filtered grey water and I don't even need to switch anything on!

Absolutely stoked - with our level 3a water restrictions, we are only permitted to water from the tap at set days/times and it is a bugger to remember, not to mention not always being the time the plants need water. Now my garden will have a fighting chance and we will actually save water by not using any fresh water outside. I can even tip the shower buckets straight into the tank and it will go on the garden. No more sorcere's apprentice act for me!!!


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