Monday, November 12, 2007

My Odd Day

Okay, so today was Melissa’s big sale day at work and she did all the decorations etc. It was a fairy theme and she dressed as a fairy. I took her to work, wandered around, bought a few bits and pieces and then left to meet Julie for lunch. Melissa came along as she wasn’t starting for another 30 minutes. As we came out, we separated – she to take my goodies to the car, me to get some cash at the ATM across the street. Then I went to our café and sat waiting. Melissa came back in, gave me my keys, scammed some lunch money and went to work, Julie seeing her as she arrived minutes later.

Lovely lunch, yada yada, Julie and I wander over to Spotlight cos I need a couple of things, then walk back to the carpark: her car only a couple of spaces up from mine. Realise we still had 20 mins, so browsed at the op shop across the road then came back, chatted and finally got in our cars and went our separate ways.

I drove over to the shopping centre car park. Successfully submitted my broken sunnies under warranty, wandered, did some shopping and finally got to my car about an hour later. Got in, drove home, went to get bags out of boot – no bags! Mutter, mutter – where has she put the stuff? Look through whole car, no Savers bags and certainly no Savers stuff! Everything else normal, that I can see.

Go inside, get Kaitlyn to have a look – she thinks I am barmy, no stuff! As she wanted to get her aquarium water tested (‘nother tale there!) we drove back , went to Savers and asked Melissa where the #$% she put stuff. In the boot. Mmm … someone has been into my car while I was away! And nothing I own was of interest except two bags of stuff on 50% off from Savers??? But a closer look shows bits and pieces of paper out of glove box and on floor, but nothing missing, including current edition street directory.

So I have been robbed! Of my op shop treasures! We are just hoping the sods try to use Savers return policy (the receipt was in the bag) as Melissa knows all the stuff I had! Hah! That would be satisfying!

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