Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review: Breastmilk jewellry

I received the most wonderful gift this week: a pendant encapsulating my daughter's breastmilk!

Now, if breastfeeding is just a way of feeding babies in your mind, you might well be wondering ... "Why??"

But if breastfeeding to you is an incredible bond between mother and child, a source of connection, love and love as well as food, then you will understand. And if you have read Breastfeeding Charlie: It Took a Village, you will know that the early days of Kaitlyn's breastfeeding experience meant every drop of milk was like liquid gold and valued even more.

I meet many women whose breastfeeding experience is a treasured time - perhaps only brief hours or days with a baby born too soon or whose life was too short; or time of great sadness when it just didn't work out as they had hoped. Some women have a cache of frozen expressed milk they cannot bear to throw out long past its use-by date, their only tangible connection to that special time.

All of these mothers will understand the appeal of this unique memento.

In fact, when Kaitlyn ordered my pendant, she got one for herself too. And so we have an extra bond between us now too.

My pendant

Kaitlyn's pendant

When I posted the photo of my piece on Facebook, friends clamoured to know where they came from. I contacted the creator and she was so happy we were happy with them, she has offered a special discount for ABA members!

Blackbird Accessories is a small business that can also create pieces including placenta or hair, other ways to safely keep treasured memories.

You can find Blackbird Accessories on Facebook and to get your discount, quote your ABA membership number - on your members card or the mailing sheet from Essence magazine, or phone Head Office to look it up for you.

My gift was part of a thank you from my co-workers at the Breastfeeding Centre, which I sadly left in May. Breastfeeding has connected me with so many women over the past three decades, not least of all those I worked alongside as we gave practical support to mothers visiting the Centre. That they should conspire with my daughter to give me what they all knew I would treasure is just another example of the bonds of women who come together to support women. It is a time and a gift I will always remember.

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