Monday, May 20, 2013

But what are you going to DO?

Since my announcement last week, that I had resigned from my paid work, the second question (After "but WHY?") has been "But what are you going to DO?"

I am sure my daughter Kaitlyn would happily extend her 40 days indefinitely, in which I have been doing her washing and housework while she focuses on her newborn and we have been together every day, out & about and at home. That is one thing I could do.

I could certainly rev up my scrapbooking studio and get immersed in both Project Life and traditional layouts and finally conquer the last of the printed photos. I could Put together my stash of patterns and fabric and kit out Charlie's wardrobe for many months to come. Accessorised by knitted hats and jackets, blankets and socks. That would be living the dream!

I could belatedly set a reading challenge for 2013 and plough through Mt To Be Read, trawl the second hand shelves for treasures, download from audible to listen while I scrap/sew/knit/crochet. Top up my ebook library to entertain when I sit and wait or take bed days. That is also living  the dream.

I could teach my 22yo son to drive and we could enjoy mother/son road trips with deep discussions on life, the Universe and Everything. I could spend more time with my 29yo daughter who works weekends and has days free during the week, minimising special days together. That would be great.

I could walk the dog at the beach at the time of day that best suits me, getting the exercise and tranquillity I need. My girls could walk with us too. We love the beach all year round.

I could focus on improving my health, with more time to buy fresh frequently and prepare meals earlier in the day when I have more  energy. I can visit the pool regularly  with Kaitlyn and Charlie once she is old enough. I can practice yoga at home, with a daily session to treat my body.

Most of all, I can look for opportunities to further support breastfeeding mothers in my dual communities.Find ways to provide drop-ins in various locations, for different groups of women, without constraints. am seeing opportunities everywhere and am excited to look for new ways to do what I love best.

I will write, now I have a borrowed lap-top, it is time to write for women with MS, for grandmothers, for migrants.

I'm not worried about not having anything to do - I am worried I will still not have enough time to do all I wish!

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Justjen said...

You will be very busy...and you will love every moment of it I'm sure :-)