Friday, December 30, 2011

A Pinteresting Year

How timely to realise (by browsing my Facebook Timeline) that it is a year since I joined Pinterest! So I thought I might recap some of my Pins that actually made it into my life!

These made it off my Wishlist Board and into my home :)
I bought one of these while I was away - before I even got to add one to my wishlist :)These were added to my lounge room today - no, sadly not the sofa - the cushions. But two of the sofas would be just perfect too!I think these will be my next yoga pants!!!LOL on a day like today, but I fancy some of these for my sore hands when the cold gets into the joints. Catch 22 - to knit them I would probably need to be wearing them!I want to buy a copy of this to hang in my altar and inspire me!

While this made it off my Inspire Me Board and onto my leg!!!!

Have been thinking a butterfly as well as a rose ... maybe a purple butterfly?

And this did inspire me to cover a table with Scrabble letters with the same technique:
Penny Tiled Desk - this is what I am planning on a small table with Scrabble tiles :)

And this was served for Christmas Breakfast
Bacon and eggs to go. Need to remember this for our Chrsitmas morning breakfast - even just cooking th aggs like this would be so much easier! No photo of my own ... a little busy at the time!

And these inspired me to create my own
Crochet Bag Pattern

For my new lappy?

So, while there are still plenty of things i would like to tick off the list, I feel pretty good about the ones I have!

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