Saturday, August 28, 2010

Confessions of an (Aussie) Eco-shopper

I have just read a fabulous book by UK author Kate Lock, “Confessions of an Eco-shopper” and thoroughly recommend it. In 2007 Kate decided to set herself a series of eco-challenges and this is her account of success and failures along her journey.

I have lived and shopped as green as I can for many years – I assess purchases for how they rate in three areas – ethical, environmental, economical – so I was interested to see how I compare to Kate. Although a lot of the issues she addresses are UK specific and don’t cross-over to Australia (and we have challenges of our own – like not enough water – which the UK do not), however Kate and I seem of similar age and lifestyle, so share many issues.

Kate looked at this over a year. I am not! I am simply going to evaluate my lifestyle choices in response to the issues she raises in each chapter – or Aisle, as she called them.

Kate blogs too, so I am thrilled to continue following and learning from her.

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