Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aisle Three – Chiller Challenges: Milk, Meat and Fish

• Challenge 8: The quest to find the mystery milkman
• Challenge 9: Going veggie – the one week challenge
• Challenge 10: Fishing for … anything that isn’t cod

Again, I have this aisle sorted! Our home delivery company, Aussie Farmers Direct, deliver our bread and milk twice a week! Both are self-branded and sourced from small businesses, so I feel good on that level. Whilst I really enjoy their bagels, the bread is a little ordinary, however I don’t eat it much anyway, so fine by me – and the others seem happy!

Our meat also arrives on the doorstep, vacuum-packed in portions and delivered into our esky in the early hours. We simply transfer it to the freezer and forget about it. There is plastic packaging to dispose of, but about the same as it would be from the butcher. I am not, have never been and probably never will become vegetarian – my heart is in the right place but I enjoy meat and live with other carnivores. However, we do have non-meat meals fairly regularly and I would happily go without meat in the short term.

Fish is a big requirement for people with MS, so Tasmanian salmon makes a frequent appearance on my plate – delivered by Aussie Farmers with our meat! I also eat a lot of canned salmon, tuna and sardines – which means a lot of label reading to ensure ethical and sustainable sources. Like the UK, Australia faces over-fishing in some species and I am conscious of this and do my best to avoid those species. I also no longer eat flake in my fish and chips (it is the Aussie standard), as flake is shark and shark is a big fish who eats all the little fish and ends up with all the toxins, including mercury.

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