Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aisle Two – Homemade Challenges: Dinner, Dairy, Baking, Preserves and Soup

• Challenge 6: Ready Meals vs Proper Dinners
• Challenge 7: Back to basics: can one woman make her own

Ready meals – those “Light ‘n’ Easy” type stuff you keep in the freezer and pop in the microwave, have never been part of our diet – they just don’t appeal on many levels. We don’t even use much in the way of convenience foods (apart from pasta sauce, ready to heat gravy and the occasional slow-cooker recipe base), with most of our meals cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients. Like our fruit and veg, the meat is home delivered once a week and goes straight into the freezer in meal ready servings, so our biggest challenge is being motivated to use it!

Cooking is shared by all living in the household – currently my husband and I and two of our three adult children. Each has their own cooking style and regular dishes. Most meals create leftovers, which we stuff into Tupperware and fill the fridge and freezer – intended for lunches and “can’t be bothered” meals. We could do better in using these!

We probably eat takeaway once a week – home delivered pizza, fish and chips or chicken and chips. We are not perfect!

We don’t tend to have cakes or desserts on a regular basis and when we do they are home baked. Desserts tend to be based on using up excess produce – apple crumbles, bread and butter puddings – or on a whim (Kieran does a great chocolate cake from his own recipe!).

I create my own breakfast oats recipe most days in the rice cooker, but I am not a jam maker! Have done, but honestly think it is easier to let someone with knowledge and facilities do it! So I do buy jams at the supermarket, unless I stumble across some at a market or fete.

I am the only yogurt eater, so buying it is easiest. We have a bread maker, but the novelty wore of - so we get that home delivered too!

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