Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Results just in ...

Remember the neuropsychological assessment I had last week? I have just been given the results and (sort of) reassuringly they confirm my own observations.

Having been blessed my whole life with a wonderful memory, it is a relief to know my storage of information is rock solid :) But as I have noted, learning/acquiring new information/skills/processes is not as easy as I am used to and has become a complex task I have to give my full attention to. Once I get it in, it will stick like glue, but I can't do it as automatically as I am used to. Egad, I shall have to start taking notes!

Retrieval is also altered - I am not imagining the poor little librarian in charge of my mind sometimes has trouble finding where she has filed things. Those of you who work with me face to face have probably encountered the new vague look I get while the librarian races from shelf to shelf looking. Bear with us - she gets there in the end, especially if I have left really good clues for her!!!

So, on a day to day working basis, this all confirms that if you have only told me, then you haven't told me and you are best to put it in writing, even if I try to assure you it is fine! If I am in an environment where there is lots going on, I am least efficient at processing the information, so if it can wait til a quieter time, you have more hope I will retain it!

My symptoms of what is formally referred to as cognitive deficient are related to the MS, are mild and will not necessarily progress beyond the irritating. I have been encouraged to keep using the systems I have in place to help - basically, doctor's orders to keep exploring organisation tools!!! Maybe I will need to work out the voice recorder on the BlackBerry - um, message for Yvette: "you parked in the third level carpark, not the second!"

Better finish my scrapbooking backlog... just in case I .... um... give me a moment ... I know this! grr!

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