Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Breakky Heaven

I don’t cook so much these days, however breakfast has become the one meal I do make an effort - just for me! 

I kept hearing about steel cut oats online - Oprah is a big fan, therefore the word is out! I finally tracked them down in the health food shop. Instead of rolled oats, these are whole oats chopped up by steel cutters and they taste so great! 

I now have a daily ritual before bed of deciding how my brekky oats will be. I load all the ingredients into the rice cooker and then in the morning I turn it on and go back to bed while it cooks for 30 mins. I know when it is ready because it smells so good. 

I now have a cupboard of ingredients just for my oats. The base is one measure of oats and one of water, plus a generous scoop of brown sugar. Then I add dried/fresh/frozen fruits, nuts and spices as I fancy. Here are some of my faves: 

Dried apple and frozen berries 

Dried apple and walnuts 

Fresh banana and walnuts 

Dried apricot and slivered almonds 

Dried strawberries and hazelnuts 

Prunes and almonds 

Dried apple and dates with walnuts 

Fresh apple instead of dried apple 

Sometimes I serve with a dollop of yoghurt but mostly I just spoon it all into a bowl and eat it while I check my emails/FB/Twitter/Google Reader/news alerts!!!! 

Did I mention they are cheap and good for me? And stop me wanting to snack because they are so satisfying? And addictive? 


mum2abc said...

so basically you put one scoop (cup) of oats+one of water then some brown sugar and leave in rice cooker? does this only make one bowlful or more? and does it take 30 minutes? cos I could do that/?

YvetteDownunder said...

Yep, that easy! This makes me a full bowlful, you could share it between two, but I eat it all myself! If I have left it soaking overnight, then 20-30 mins has it ready in the morning.