Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another "last"

Motherhood is a lifetime of Firsts - from the First knowing of the First pregancy, on through a series of endless milestones. As a scrapbooker, I dilegently record these Firsts for each of my children.

Increasingly these days, I am also noticing all the Lasts.

It comes with the Last baby, who not only marks their own Firsts in their journey through life, but also draw lines beneath each life-stage. The Last-born is the Last to start school and the Last to leave childhood behind.

Today, I have just scrapbooked my Last child's Last school photos and have drawn a line in red ink beneath this chapter of my life. There will be other school photos for me to record, as future grandchildren wend their own paths through the school years, but as a mother, this is a Last.

The First term of the Last year ended two weeks ago and on Monday, the Last term of the Last First semester will commence...

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StrongFemLead said...

Hm. Beautiful observation. You just inspired a story in me.