Friday, January 2, 2009


I actually set some goals at the beginning of 2008 - and stuck with them!

I know, how amazing?

I am not even setting new ones for 2009, I am sticking with the ones I am working on.

So, how am I going?

Goal: Become a better photographer.
- learn how to use my new camera
- follow online tutorials
- learn how to use Photoshop
- take photos most days

Well, I did work on these. I bought a Dummies guide to my camera and read it. I started - and maintained for 3 months - the 365 project. I experimented with Photoshop, although it still bamboozles me! The online tutorials were a bit hit and miss, either too basic or too complex!

Goal: Enjoy more yoga
- Enrol in local yoga class
- Make time to practice regularly
- Use my existing resources

Good progress here! I finally stated classes in second term and have done TWO per week most weeks for the rest of the year! Some weeks I only managed one class, but I have stuck with it! I practice a bit at home with the Wii Fit anddo conciously make time for meditation most days. And I dusted off the yoga mat and also got myself a yoga bolster!

Goal: Be as healthy as I can
- Eat less, move more
- Eat fruit, drink water
- Respect my body
- Stretch often
- Practice yoga
- Walk instead of driving
- Be hydrated

Despite the unwanted apearance of a) a goitre in my thyroid, b) a spondylothesis in my spine and c) tendonitis in my shoulder, my health hasn'tbeen too bad this year! I have walked a lot more, not only because of the addition of a puppy to the household :) I park the car further away and walk and I conciously choose to walk when I could drive, especially when running errands at work. I am eating more fruit and working on the water thing more. Yoga is happening. Respect has come into play by working with my back and other joints to prevent pain and injury: I have been seeing a chiropractor and this has made a great difference. I am no longer a person who lifts or carries - I own various trolley bags!!!!

I am raring to go in 2009 and look forward to reporting back thi time next year!!

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