Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Getting it all together

Okay, so like most people, the new year motivates me to have a good clean out and make organising improvements.

This year, my focus seems to be electronic and I thought I would share some tools that I currently swear by:

iGoogle - I began using this as my home page a few months ago and am loving it. It is free and you can add gadgets that suit what you want from your page. I have a Facebook gadget, a bookmark box, the weather, news updates, my Google Reader and Google news alerts, a Mark Twain quote of the day, an Oprah update gadget, the weather radar and my Remember The Milk box (see below).

Google Chrome - I am still in trial mode with this, but have made the change because I was having more and more crashes with Internet Explorer. It doesn't work with Robo Form (see below) which has me grumpy, so we will see how it goes. And I cannot work out why I can't have my Google toolbar on a Google product! I miss my auto fill!!

Remember The Milk - not the first task manager/to do list I have tried, but I like that this one can have gadgets on the places you do stuff and can sync with my PDA. It is easy to use and free for the basic model.

Robo Form - I have been using this for ages now, after a friend shared her "Robocop" secret! It looks after all my logins and passwords, which drive me mad! I love it, love it! A toolbar on your web browser - unless you are using Google Chrome - and it can sync with your PDA, which means you can still access the data if your computer is elsewhere.

Carbonite Back Up - You MUST get this!!! It backs up all your stuff, all the time, online and automatically! You can sleep at night. 

Good Sync - Only just got this, normally I use the Windows sync tool, but so far this looks like a good option. Remember The Milk wanted this to run Milk Sync.

Media Monkey - for when iTunes is driving me batty, this gives me full control over where my music is. 

Media Master - because my music files are not all in my laptop, this online site lets me upload ALL of my music and then I can just listen online!!

Pedometer - hah, just in case you thought I spend ALL my time on the keyboard, I got myself a pedometer and am racking up at least my 10 000 steps a day, often up to 15 000 and on Sunday (when Melissa and I were in the City) 24 000!!!!!!!

TiVo - what can I say? I have waited patiently for several years for this to arrive in Australia. Now I watch the TV shows I want, when I want and I lurve it! One less barrier to walking the dog :)

Will I be more organised? At least I FEEL more organised right now :)

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