Monday, January 12, 2009


Today my chiropractor (Hi Shady!) asked me about my passions. As a Facebook friend, he sees I am extremely passionate about breastfeeding, for example, and asked how I became so passionate.

I have no idea! This is just how I have always been!

Maybe I am just obsessive? I always seem to get into anything I do 110%. I used to think everyone was like that, but I have met enough lukewarm beings in life to suspect some have never had a passionate obsession with anything :)

I was certainly not the easiest teenager to live with - or teach at school! However, I always got on really well with my english or social studies teachers and those adults who worked out I wasn't arguing with them, just putting my thoughts across. One of my kids had a teacher who just didn't gel with him for much the same reason!

An old friend said to me a few years ago that I had mellowed into a nice person - high praise from someone who battled alongside me through those teen years and beyond when I often could not see the forest for the trees and knew everything was either black or white. But a few decades of licking my wounds taught me better ways to communicate my passions: a skill my equally passionate father never learned.

So - yes, I am passionate about most aspects of life, but this is NOTHING compared to the old, less-mellow me!

I reckon twenty-odd years in NMAA/ABA has done the trick. You cannot be dogmatic or fanatical and function in this organisation, it is impossible. So you learn better ways to share your passion and that crosses over into the rest of life. 

I expect I will be the nutty old woman in the nursing home one day, getting her knickers in a knot about something. I look forward to the fun ahead!!!!

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