Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers Day

I was allowed a very long lie-in: that's what comes with a house full of late sleepers! Rod was up and away early for cycling and the girls surfaced about 10.30 and stole my car to go to the shops.Not long after they returned around 11, I was brought a tray in bed by three beaming offspring. My breakfast tray included croissants fresh from the bakery with jam in a little pot, a beautifully frothed chai latte courtesy of Kaitlyn the McCafe whiz and a wine glass of cranberry juice. All nicely laid out with napkin, flower etc.I was presented with a card from them all and a Cherry Ripe and a lovely bunch of flowers - orange gerberas and purple something (stunning!) which Kaitlyn then artfully arranged in a vase for my bedroom. They then lit oil burners and candles around the house and let me stay in bed reading all day! I began the first Harry Potter book and plan to read the series again in time for the new release in July!Rod presented me with a card when he came home and then later he and Melissa went round to see his mum. Kaitlyn prepared a lovely dinner and I stayed in my jammies in bed all day! I watched the Einstein Factor and Robin Hood and decided to skip the bastard boys and turned out the light at 8.30!I feel much refreshed today, though my legs and feet still ache all over from Friday!

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