Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thoughts on Mothers Day

I treasure all my Mother’s Day cards and gifts the kids have given me over the years and am actually planning to create a memory box just for them.When they were very little, the cards and gifts were hand made at play group or kinder and cards were written in wonderful free form misspelt words. At primary school, it was something from the Mother’s Day stall. After many years hinting, they stopped buying edible treats (which they then nagged all day to eat!) and I have some truly awful treasures! I will never understand some of the rubbish mothers create for other mothers to receive! But it is bought with love and the fun part is helping them keep it til the day.High school doesn’t do mothers day stalls, so pocket money is usually spent frugally and with love. With paid work comes independent buying and presents are a feast or famine depending on cash flow!DH advised me years ago he is not my mother. Some years he buys me a gift or card or flowers and others years he doesn’t.Brekky in bed is my treat, but I have learned that patience is the key. While any other day of the year I would happily stay in bed all day, for some reason the urge to get up and have brekky nearly drives me mental on mothers day! This house has an en suite, but before we lived here I had to carefully sneak to the loo and back without being sprung Up Before Breakfast, a severe crime! LOL.One of my favourites was Kieran’s personally crafted pancakes – coloured playdough green with a generous dollop of food colouring! Cold tea with too much milk, cold burned toast, rubbery eggs ….. I love it all! And I love being the centre of their attention for a whole half hour or so!!!Just because there is a commercial motivation doesn’t have to mean these days aren’t special. We love the few weeks leading up to national Pink Day, when the shops are overflowing with marketers ideas of what mothers want/need/deserve! It is nearly as much fun as Corporate Love Day in February!

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