Thursday, December 19, 2013

29 Years of Santa Photos

I can't even tell you how many times I have been tagged on Facebook as this story has gone viral:

Heartwarming Photos Of Two Brothers Who Have Taken A Picture With Santa Together For 30 Years


Because a lot of my Friends know our family are right there with these guys, on their tails and chasing them!!

They started in 1980, our first was in 1984. They are a family of two sons, ours has two daughters and a son.

Their photos are always together. Ours too - except the two years my eldest daughter was in New Zealand and she got her photos done separate to her siblings.

They have a jump on us with the next generation but we are all over them with including the incomers!

So, here is OUR take on the Santa photos:

1984 - Melissa aged nine months, calm after a fair bit of desensitising leading up to the day!

1985 - extremely hot weather and a slightly over it toddler

1986 - Mum had to be there, along with teddy!

1987 - two photos, two Santas - before we knew we wanted shared pics

1988 - the only tears we have ever had! Learned not to do it after the playgroup end of year party. She only lost it once in place, overwhelmed at the final hurdle.

1989 - tshirts hand painted by mummy!






1995 - Melissa has finished primary school

1996 - Santa "What have you got poking out of your shirt?" Melissa (mortified) "My bra!!!"


1998 - first year of digital technology - printed on the spot!!!



2001 - Melissa has finished high school


2003 - it was around this time the challenge was issued - how long could they continue?

2005 - At Home: Kaitlyn has finished high school  and ...

.... there is a new boyfriend! (decided to a separate photo, prevent awkward break-up issue!)

2005 - and in New Zealand: making mothers cry in the shopping mall!!

2006 - Boyfriend still on the scene so makes it into photo

2006 - another shopping centre in New Zealand for the back-packer

2007 - back together again and that boyfriend still around!

2009 - Santa, look - we're getting married!! And Kieran has finished high school!

2010 - Sorry Santa, my HUSBAND had to work today!!
2011 - Sorry again Santa, hubby at work this year too!

2012 - Santa, Santa - we're having a BABY!!!

2013 - Santa, isn't she gorgeous?

2013 - Nice to meet you Santa, shall we start our own tradition too?

The visit to our city to queue and have the photo taken has become one of our strongest Christmas traditions. Working it around work shifts, travel and other commitments has been no easy matter. As mum, I have not insisted on this all happening - all I did was jokingly dare them one day that they couldn't keep it up until they had their own kids to be photographed with Santa. That accepted, met and bettered that dare! And are they ready to stop? No way - they are just getting started!!!

For the record, 29yo daughter and 22yo son are both single! Prospective partners really do need a good sense of humour! Applications c/- the North Pole.

Since the early nineties, the photos have been at David Jones, Melbourne. We queue up along with all the families with babies, toddlers, tweens and teens. The reluctant ones can barely contain their shock at the prospect of STILL doing this as adults and their parents think it funny to hold our family up as an example to follow. We occasionally meet another family with similar intentions but have not yet met another with adult children, their spouses and children taking part. Santa's little helpers think it is great fun ... as long as everyone fits in the room!!!

Merry Christmas!

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Becky said...

It might have been in 1939 that your mother and I woke up on Christmas morning to find that Santa had left us dolls at the end of our bed on the veranda. How excited we were that morning! We were happy little sisters and good playmates. Aunt Becky.