Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: Nic Nac Nappy Wrap and Bag

A day away from home with a cloth-bummed baby in a baby sling means your nappy bag needs to be able to handle everything you need without turning you into a pack-horse! Our quest for the perfect solution begins!

We came across the Nic-Nac store at the Pregnancy Babies and Childrens Expo in Melbourne. Owned and run by a mum, we were soon chatting and enjoying Charming Charlie being charming amongst the display. Then we spotted the Nappy Wrap and Carry-All Bag and explained our quest. We were offered the chance to review both products, buying them at a reduced price to do so.

The next day we hit the road to return to the second day of the expo, this time with no  pram and catching the train. Charlie was carried in the Manduca sling for the day, I brought my Nana Trolley for our shopping and everything Kaitlyn and Charlie would need for the day had to fit in the Carry All Bag.

Melbourne is known for having four seasons in one day, so dressing in layers is a lifetime practice started in infancy! Add in a one-hour train ride each way needing enough toys to keep boredom at bay, plenty of MCNs and resusable wipes in their before and after state and any nappy bag quickly gains bulk.

The Nic-Nac Nappy Wrap design uses the bulk of the nappies as a padded head rest for the baby, which is great if you find yourself needing to change on a hard surface. The centre panel of pockets swings out of the way and the wrap becomes the changing mat.

Kaitlyn carries washable wipes in a disposable-wipes container, of the same brand (Huggies) as the pocket is designed to hold, which was great and there is still room for liners and bum cream.

The wet bag for used nappies simply fits back in the pocket alongside the clean ones. This is a Baby Bee-hinds bag. (A matching one would be nice!)

A nappy change on a communal change table can be confronting but one being used by hundreds of babies over a three day event means you REALLY want to have a change mat that covers the table!
Six month old Charlie easily fits on the mat.

Can't keep those hands off though!
The contents of the Nappy Wrap - holds all the essentials and can be a stand alone bag.

The Carry All Bag does what it says. Two external pockets easily hold toys and other things you want easy access to while an internal pocket keeps phone, wallet, keys etc handy but concealed. Extra internal pockets would be handy, as the main body of the bag tends to end up with everything at the bottom. Perhaps extra pouches/zipped bags to match could be added to the range?

The adjustable strap is long enough to be worn over the shoulder without intruding on the baby in the sling.It isn't so bulky as to make the wearer unpopular on a crowded train or tram. My dodgy back did complain a little when I took my turn to wear it but I think I would be fine with less stuff for a shorter trip.

The bag is sturdy and the denim will take a pounding. The washable surface of the nappy wrap is good quality and shouldn't crack or peel like some. Unfortunately, the pockets on each end weren't big enough for Kaitlyn's stainless steel drink bottle, meaning it had to go in the main body of the bag which could lead to a spill risk but a smaller bottle should fit. A couple of external loops/rings to hang keys or toys from would be handy too.

A typical busy couple of weeks for us has seen the bag comfortably hang from the pram handles as well as hanging from a shoulder without Charlie in a sling. It has been to a couple of ABA meetings, a sling meet, shopping and visits to Granny's house! It has easily replaced Kaitlyn's previous nappy bag and while there are a few modifications we would love to see, over-all it is a reliable product that does the job well.

Is it the perfect baby-wearing, cloth-bummed nappy bag? That remains to be seen!

Closed nappy Wrap, holding four cloth nappies - probably one too many

Folded out, it becomes the change mat

The Carry-All Bag is roomy

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Becky said...

Where did all those old prams go? They were so useful. Now that mothers drive cars has probably changed everything. Strollers were also very handy. Now it is a baby seat in mother's car. Are bassinets still in use. Cloth nappies had to be boiled if you did not have a washing machine. Boiling was hygienic as it sterilised the cloth for reuse. Kaitlyn might find these little bits of history of interest.