Tuesday, November 19, 2013

For Aunty Becky - a moment lost in time.

A borrowed vintage pram in a borrowed vintage garden, with a thouroughly modern baby ready for a sleep. That blanket peeping out was made for my birth by  your own beautiful mother and is my treasure.

Aunty Becky Asked: "Where did all those old prams go? They were so useful. Now that mothers drive cars has probably changed everything. Strollers were also very handy. Now it is a baby seat in mother's car. Are bassinets still in use. Cloth nappies had to be boiled if you did not have a washing machine. Boiling was hygienic as it sterilised the cloth for reuse. Kaitlyn might find these little bits of history of interest. 

Yes, these beautiful but bulky old style prams were intended as sleep spaces for infants to get sunshine and fresh air, with perhaps a walk to the local store. (Great Great Nana on my inlaws side famously wheeled baby John to the shops, parked outside the butchers, shopped, walked home and put the kettle on, before the neighbours returned John and his pram to their rightful place ;)

Charlie is 100% clothed nappied, but in their modern incarnation, ready fitted, no pins just snaps which grow with the baby, no soaking or boiling, into the machine as is and out in the sun or the drier. And not just plain white either - no boiling means rainbow covered baby bums. Another photo from today:

Posted by PicasaThese gorgeous gussies are nappies! Preloved, prefolds that wash and dry to look like this, loaned from a friends, handmade by a mum small business.

Oh and yes, bassinets still get used, though Charlie mainly sleeps safely in beside mummy, her back-up co-sleeper is right there if she needs it:

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