Monday, October 7, 2013

Review: Pollara Magic Fairy Wrap from Tinoki

When the opportunity to host a travelling wrap came up, I quickly said yes! The fact it was a purple wrap in a fairy design made it extra appealing :)

Pollara Magic Fairy“When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. And now when every new baby is born its first laugh becomes a fairy.“ (James Matthew Barrie: Peter Pan)
Pollora slings are woven from the finest materials in Jacquard technique, the bond is stable, yet very soft, grippy and smooth.
A good companion through your entire time of babywearing.
Pollora slings are tested according to the strictest criteria to ensure that there are no harmful substances.
100% cotton
ca. 220g/m²
Three-coloured: blue and reddish purple warp and white weft – therefore the colour seems to change depending on the light.
$135.00 AUD

When our turn came up in the circle of people spending time with this wrap, the timing was great. It arrived just as a busy period for our family was starting and there were lots of experiences for 5mo Charlie to be worn out and about in a variety of environments. Charlie's mum Kaitlyn, my daughter, has a similar woven wrap, which is her go-to carrier at the moment, so it was great for her to try another option from the vast array of woven wraps. I also got to use it quite a few times and see how it stood up to the demands of a busy pair of practiced baby-wearers!

Over the course of three weeks, this few metres of fabric enjoyed a whirl-wind tour of duty, which included events like our first local farmers market, trips to major shopping centre, craft markets, walking on the beach, sling-meets of our local baby-wearing group, the Royal Melbourne Show, a local family picnic day and the annual Tulip Festival! Pretty tough work, yet the wrap is pretty tough stuff.

Wearing a baby in a wrap always seems to draw attention and public wrapping a baby certainly catches people's eye, so it matters if you struggle to do so well. But this lovely fabric always felt as comfortable as it looked and we got great feedback from everyone who commented. And in a family where the fairy doors in different homes obviously lead to each other along magical pathways and fairy gardens are places of joy, the motif won our hearts and this wrap was just referred to as "The Fairies".

We are sad to see it go but we can catch up on Sunday at the Australian Babywearing Conference Expo, which we are so looking forward to attending to celebrate National Babywearing Week and maybe one day, the fairies will send us one we keep, because we do believe in fairies, we do, we do, we do!

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