Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Granny' s hippy bubba


Aunt B said...

A lovely baby and a pleased and proud granny. How good it is to be able to see you on my computer. Like the little head band. Where are the little knitted bonnets and remember the bootees which were so easy to knit? I liked sewing little dresses using Enid Gilchrist patterns. Also making little boys clothes was easy to do.
Aunt B.

Yvette ODowd said...

Lots of knitted and crocheted hats, much easier than bonnets with riboons that tangle and knot! Socks stay on better than bootees but there are some lovely ones in the drawer waiting for tiny feet to grow a bit bigger!
Lots of sewing going on too, with plenty of dresses planned for spring and summer wearing, some already hanging in the wardrobe! Always projects on the go, body permitting. If you click the links at the top of my blog "My Ravelry" and "My Sewing Room" you can see the things I have made :)