Monday, August 26, 2013

Belinda and Ella brought me a taste of Spring :)


Aunt B said...

Spring Flowers. thank you for sharing your lovely flowers. As children we enjoyed the tiny wild flowers found in the farm paddocks on our Grandfather's farm. We used to pick the wild buttercups and tiny purple flowers. Trees were also in flower. Golden wattle blooms were everywhere especially the Cootamundra wattle named after nearby Cootamundra. Golden memories!

Aunt B said...

Grandfather's farm was a few miles out of town and we enjoyed staying out there. Your mother and I had many happy visits out there. We saw the cow being milked and even helped make butter from the rich cream. The milk was put through a separator to obtain the cream. It was then turned into butter using special wooden paddles. You would have enjoyed those visits. It was very sad when our grandfather died in 1945 aged 84.His father had come from Taunton, Somerset. Much to tell you about our childhood days. Aunt B.