Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pinterest inspired pretty project

The mummy2be has a bit of a thing for pretty hair accessories and so this caught her eye on Pinterest some time ago: (I can't recall which of us pinned it, we keep trying to share things then realise the other is the one who pinned it!)

Then we came across this one:


Aunty2be was set to watch for a suitable frame at work (she works at Savers, a recycled store!) but it was me nearing desperation who finally found it: (sorry, no before photo!)

The finished frame
 I was all ready to get hubby to make holes for the hooks and then pop round to put it up in the nursery, so set it aside with another project I was going to paint in the same colour - the box that held the Aromababy pack of goodies. But look what I saw when I idley set it on top:

I messaged mummy2be with the coincidence and she replied with one word: shadow-box! Exactly what I was thinking! The plan to use the box as a try in the nursery went out the window!

A couple of coats of paint and a bit of glue later:

Now to follow up with all those clips and head-band tutorials on Pinterest ;)

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