Sunday, April 28, 2013

Looking after the new mother

You might remember the poem I posted after Kaitlyn's baby shower and wonder how her visitors and home support have been over the past two weeks? As requested, only immediate family came to see them in hospital and that was by appointment only, with Dad making the arrangements - everyone would contact him and make a time to come. After their return home, visits have continued to follow this arrangement, as the circle of family and friends have slowly been introduced to Charlie at times that suit the family. Dad makes sure they get a quick cuddle and a photo, then baby goes back to mum to start, continue or complete the feed she was bound to be ready for! Numbers of visitors at any one time have been limited and drop-ins not encouraged. (Even I always let them know when I plan to visit and check that works for them - and they let me know if they want me to give them space - or sleep over for extra help!)

From a support perspective, Ash's Mum has been providing a steady stream of nourishing meals, while I have been on washing and kitchen duty. Cycling the laundry through and keeping on top of it began during the days (!) of labour and continues to be part of my daily visits. As well, I keep the dishes under control and have been in charge of all milk expression equipment maintenance.

As we head toward the halfway point of the traditional 40 days, Kaitlyn has been able to focus on breastfeeding and caring for Charlie while Ashley has been able to nurture them and manage his return to work just days after they returned from hospital.

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