Monday, September 17, 2012

Granny business

This tiny grandhild of mine nicknamed Jelly Bean, is now approaching 11 weeks and is the size of a small citrus fruit. The host, my daughter is approaching the end of the first trimester feeling pretty good. The grandmothers to be are reaquainting themselves with the retail therapy of tiny clothes and gorgeous garments. Quilting and yarn works are coming into construction. Spare room, stuffed hurridly during the move only weeks before, needs alternate storage found, to morph into a nursery.

Books are being read, by mother and daughter. Product reviews, hospital recommendations and more are sought on Facebook, boards are being Pinned on Pinterest.

In a few weeks, I will do my regular three days at the baby expo, as well as be with my daughter to plan and shop and consult.

We wre now both members of ABA, the same group!

Parenting magazine article bought for mum2B QUOTES granny2B in breastfeeding story, not t all strange to mum2b;-)

Its a fun ride!


Sazz said...

Oh wow, congratulations to your daughter! (and you). What fun! I look forward to doing the baby thing as a grandma in about 20 years :)

Grandma Becky said...

I enjoy being a grandma to my two grandchildren. They are so fun. Nothing good be better in this second half of motherhood! Congratulations to you and your daughter. God bless