Saturday, July 21, 2012


I have been on Pinterest for over a year now and I am loving that so many of my friends are coming on-board - my happiest achievement this month is convincing both my daughters to join :) And I do find lots of ideas that I incorporate into my life - and LOTS more I plan to!

But this past day or so has seen a Pinteresting chain of activity I wanted to share:

I saw and Pinned this:


The Pinterest Facebook app shared it on my Wall and my friend Del saw it. Then she made this:

Del Smith

Which inspired me even more than the original, as she used cheap canvases and attached the whole Post-it pad. I loved it so much, today I did some shopping and some crafting and made these!:
Photo: Ta Da!

And that is the beauty of Pinterest: great ideas are put out there where we can all share and be inspired and put our own twist on them. I made one each for my daughters, my co-worker and myself.

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