Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dear Me ... letter to myself 20 years ago

Over breakfast this morning, I watched this on Youtube

I so wish I had done something like this! Why didn't my father think of this when he used to follow us around with that Super 8 camera? *

But it stuck in my mind all day - 20 years ago. What would I say to myself back in 1992? Although I didn't know at the time, it was a big turning point in my life and my progress through the next 20 years would have been helped with a bit of advance knowledge, so ...

Dear Yvette-in-1992,

Hey! So that computer your Dad passed down to you last year, the one you wondered what you would actually use it for? Yes - the one that doesn't have a hard drive and you have to keep stopping games to change the floppy disks over? Well, turns out I found a few things you can use them for - quite a few actually! So hang in there - but here's a little saying for you "Save early, save often". Try to remember that, much less stressful.

So, look at you with all your little ones - busy hey? Not a lot of sleep and lots of time in the car, right? But how cute are they? And all that hard work is worth it - thank you for dedicating yourself to raising three wonderful children, its made my life much easier. Here's a sneak peak-ahead for you.

That? Oh, its called scrapbooking. Actually, you could help me out a bit with that - can you take more photos please? I know it is expensive to get the films developed and you don't always have the money, but I really do appreciate the memories to look back on. Oh - you have about four years: can you find some time to sort those photos and get them out of those awful magnetic photo albums, its not good for them, you (are going to) know

So now the baby is a year and half, how are you going with looking after yourself? Getting lots of exercise with riding your bike to playgroup every week with Elin and then family bike rides on the weekend - you are probably as fit as you have ever been. If you could keep that up, I would really appreciate it ...

... because I have some difficult news to share with you. Um, you're not quite as healthy as you think. This really hard ... look ... you see, oh - we have Multiple Sclerosis. Hang on, don't panic - you won't notice anything for a few more years. But when you do, you aren't going mad and you are right to keep pushing for a diagnosis - but that will take five years more, so you need to be patient. In the meantime, can you lay off the sunscreen a bit? Turns out all that avoiding the sun you do is affecting how much vitamin D we get and I am really running short!

But thanks for the moisturiser - keep up the good work! And don't worry too much about those grey hairs - I worked out a great solution ;) That - its an emoticon. A smiley face winking. Yes, I am serious. It isn't a silly word. Google - that's a silly word. And you know that rose tattoo you have been wondering about for the past ten years? We finally got it a few months ago! But I changed the design a little ...

Now -  its nearly our birthday, last year before a big one! Yes, it is exciting for you to be nearly thirty, isn't it? So old! I mean, you are the same age our mum was when we were born and she was considered elderly! Oh - Melissa is that age now! Twenty-eight! No, she hasn't got any children yet - no, not married either. Doing? Oh, well she got back from her UK trip on Friday! I know - we always wanted to do that, didn't we? (I'll let you in on a secret - we aren't dead yet, there is still plenty of time!!)

Oh - hey, thanks for all the hard work making costumes and dress ups for the kids. I know you put a lot of effort into it. And one day, you won't need to do all that sewing! - that will be a relief! Grow out of it? No, not really ...

Kaitlyn? Yes, she is still a sweet thing - no, never did go off the rails as a teenager (even though you think she might after being such a delightful toddler!). She is married and looking forward to starting a family soon. No, it isn't a surprise, is it? By the way - if you think she is baby-mad as a pre-schooler, that's nothing!

And how are you coping with Kieran? Yep - hardest baby of them all! So unsettled and still sleeping in your bed, breastfeeding all day and night - and everyone's a critic, aren't they? And trying to get vegetables into him! I know! Well, you can relax on that front - he still won't eat them and I gave up trying about ten years ago! Oh, but he is such a lovely guy! So witty and such a brain - I have conversations with him that remind me of talking with Dad - only without the bad bits. He is physically like him too, skinny, wiry and strong as an ox. Still lives at home, not studying or working ... but I am not stressed over that: he was destined to take his own path in life, right from the start. Computer mad - studied them and spends all his time online ... Oh, um ... there's this internet thing. ooh - while I think of it: watch out when you are feeding him and nearly finished typing that booklet for Nursing Mums. Make sure he can't swing his arm out and hit the reset button! Did I mention "save early, save often"? Anyway, he helps me fix my computer problems these days, not create them ;)

Yes, that does look like that silly box-thing from Dr Who, doesn't it? Yes, I do remember how we groaned when that came on TV when we were a kid and we had to change channels quickly. BTW - don't blink. What? BTW? Its text shorthand, like on a mobile. No - not the things hanging over babies cots! A phone. Oh, forget I mentioned it! Just remember - don't blink!

Ah - Nursing Mothers'! You just qualified as a breastfeeding counsellor a few months ago, didn't you? Wow - took two years to get through the training and then 6 months waiting for the final assessment (after the assessor left your folio sitting on her desk for ages). Have to stay around as a volunteer for a few years to make that all worthwhile! How long did I do it for? Um ...

It was a good thing you did do that training though. Your gorgeous niece Lynden and nephew Jordan - sweet babies they still are - are only the beginning: there are seven more to come - plus four that Rod's cousin will have in the same time period! Family gatherings are going to be a bit chaotic for a few years!!!

And you have a new puppy! Silky! Oh, darling Silky - she is such a life blessing. Treasure her - she is with you for the long run and will be a great comfort when she is older.

Still married? Yep - coming up to 30 years next year! Does Rod still ride to work every day? And with the family every weekend?

No - he doesn't cycle ... to work ... or with the family ...

Hey - you had your school reunion this year! Wow - look at everyone all grown up! And your closest friends - you just don't see them that much now, do you? Don't worry - you just need to make the time and it will happen.

Well, it's been lovely to catch up with you, Yvette-in-1992. I wish I had time to tell you more - but then, that would spoil the surprises! Spoilers!

From my family ....

... to yours!

I might just leave the last words to Dr Seuss (yes, I know you are a little sick of reading him - and you despair of Melissa ever becoming a competent reader ... relax, that will be the least of your concerns!)

So ...

Good luck!

* My Dad did create a time capsule, of sorts, on film for my friends and I. Enjoy! (Parts one and two)

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Tangerine Meg said...

I *loved* reading this, Yvette :) I passed it on to the women in the "Time to Glow" course community, too.
Love Meg x o