Thursday, June 28, 2012

I love P!nk ...more

P!nk is one of my favourite contemporary singers - I love her music, her style, her attitude.

When I found out she was breastfeeding her baby Willow, I loved her even more :)

So when she tweeted this photo ...

... my delight was predictable!

I have followed her on Twitter since I first joined, hearing her first-hand tales of touring Australia.

I tweeted her today - how wonderful would it be to have this photo in the ABA breastfeeding calendar I am organising? Our wonderful calendar - this year graced by Miranda Kerr breastfeeding her baby Flynn

(photographed by Orlando Bloom, our family's favourite elf) - is such an important visual tool in celebrating the beauty of breastfeeding - and the normality of breastfeeding.

P!nk also fits the criteria, don't you think?

You might like to let her know you like my suggestion

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Kebeni said...

totally agree with you. I too follow her and loved the photo she put up. Have retweeted her about it too