Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today's faces

It has been a sad week. As a teenager, I spend hours every week dancing to the big disco hits, either in my bedroom, the local underage disco or my best friends' lounge rooms. I know all the moves, all the lyrics and defended disco when it became daggy. I even remember a song called "Death, death, death to disco"

Well, this week it felt like that came true. Losing a second Bee Gee and Donna Summer within days made me sad. That great concert on the other side is starting to fill up with my own teen idols and it is a side of getting older that you don't understand until you get there. It is not only your own mortality rearing in the future but also the reality that those years behind you were a time-capsule of popular culture that stamps you with the era in which you grew up. While many of my peers think of themselves as 80s girls, I have always tended more to the 70s as my place in time.

The coincidence of me today joining Spotify and tuning in to playlists of 70s disco made the subject of my faces easy to choose.

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