Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Faces # 5,6 & 7

I was awy on the weekend and am still in catch up mode, but did take my art kit with me and drew a face Saturday night. I just didn't get any time on Sunday, so I am one behind, but am taking that as one of the two *spare* days in the month ;)

Although I began this project drawing stylised faces in my Book of Days, I became entranced when I tried sketching with my graphite mechanical pencil into my visual journal and am enjoying playing and seeing what happens. This is a technique i haven't done since high school, but I love the way the graphite and paper work together :)

Face # 5
Face # 6
Face # 7 
I am not thinking too hard about technical correctness, that will come later ;)


Lesley said...

Wow, I love the sketch look as well. There is something so tranquil about the look of them.
Beautiful artwork.

Liz said...

'Ello neighbour in the state next door. I'm just dropping in to say hi via the 29 faces challenge.

I love your pencil work. There is something to be said about the feel off simple graphite on paper. I think it is the first tool we use as children and will always be the old favourite that never fails to deliver.

Great to see you stuff.

Best wishes,

Sabrina said...

Love the feel of face #7.

Lindsay Drya Vanhove said...

I'm behind too, this challenge is more difficult than I had in mind! Very soft work, beautiful. :)

Lisa Richards said...

Some beautiful faces! It's quite challenging to finish something every day! Keep up the good work!