Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Happy Place

I have had a really BLAH couple of weeks - the normal come-down after a holiday, plus a misery-making cold and a visit from the MS fatigue fairy.

However, I could not resist the draw of the sunshine today, as I left my MS support group at 2pm, the afternoon stretched ahead and there was only one thing for it - I drove home, grabbed the dog and our assorted walking gear and headed to the beach.

We are so blessed to live in a beach-side town, on the edge of the metro area. While we don't live within (reasonable!) walking distance, it is only a few minutes drive and we are there. I often fantasise about a beach-side cottage, where the waves lap gently only a few steps from the door - but then we have a massive storm like we did this week and I am thankful we live up the hill!

Celebrating the final two weeks before the doggy curfew kicks in next month, Molly and I were able to enjoy the daytime beach, along with visitors making a day of it. The sand was host to lots of those little tent shelters and just a couple of umbrellas, while most people bared their lily-white winter bodies to the full sun. The boats were out at the yacht club, the jet skis disturbed the peace at Olivers Hill and small children shivered in wet towels - the water looks inviting, but it is still early in the season for full immersion - although the usual teenage boys and young men were doing their macho act in the cold.

We stopped for gelati - Molly and I share, to the wonder of passing children "That dog is eating ice cream!!!!" and then continue our walk. We are stopped often -  "Can I pat your dog?" - and Molly paddles up to her self-imposed tide line. The skeleton of a freshly-filleted Schnapper tempts her in the shallows, but not enough to get Too Wet!!!

The beach is my happy place and the sunshine, salt water and sea air work together to wash away the BLAH. It is time to go home, even though Molly actions a Sit Down when we reach the point where she realises we are leaving, clearly not ready to leave. but I am, so we do.

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