Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting back into reading

I was just reading this blog post and made a comment, then thought I would re-post it here to remind myself!

The topic is getting back into reading:

This is on my hit list for 2010. I have always described myself as a compulsive reader. I am a member of most of the online communities you have listed. I own more than 1000 books and actively support my local library. Last year I noticed a huge drop in the amount of books I was getting through compared to years gone by – even when those years had involved babies and young children or full time work, I was reading more. When I was prescribed reading glasses for the first time mid 2009, I thought maybe that was it, but I saw only a small increase.

I think I have identified the culprit and am putting together some weaponry. But, you see, it is what I doing right now! Reading blogs! Reading Facebook! Reading all day long, but on a screen instead of books, or even magazines! So my solution is to switch off earlier in the evening and hit the books instead.

I hope it works! Mount To Be Read is getting enormous!

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