Saturday, February 9, 2008

Okay, so ...

Over the past two or three days (which have been really busy) I have been observing a loss of sensation … not unusual for my MS, but this is a brand new variation.

I can’t taste salt!

Makes for very blah eating, I might add. Still okay for sweet and I can taste lemon, so that is sour and/or bitter. But no salt. Meals so far have included stir fry, pizza, vegemite on toast … nada. Bland and sort of bicarb soda-ish. Like it needs … salt! Ever had unsalty vegemite? Don’t bother! Toothpaste tastes weird … does it have salt???

My whole mouth feels weird too, I suspect there are some numb patches forming. My tongue feels burned, but without the pain.

This will be transitory, probably get worse over a week or so, plateau for a couple of weeks and then gradually revert to normal. That is, if it is a MS episode. I need to see my doctor soon anyway, so will mention it, but it is too minor to go the steroid treatment path.

So I guess it will aid my weight loss plans – who wants to eat if you can’t taste? Especially as my weaknesses are things like cheese, olives etc with crackers or bread … unless I resort to chocolate in my grief! MMM … must try some really bitter dark chocolate to see if bitter is okay. So far, I can still taste the difference between my different flavoured teas – if that goes, I will just buy boring normal plain tea! I had a couple of chai lattes yesterday which were suspiously bland – not sure if it was just the mix or not, will have to do some testing! But if I lose spicy, then no point in chai either!

Just another of my weird take on MS … but she looks fine!


KarenHarveyCox said...

Yvette, popping by to make sure that I have everyone's link address for the basket to draw the name for the world-wide event. Wow, when I saw your gorgeous had me at hello! I read, and browsed. Did you paint that sale shaker? The best part of this world-wide thing for me is having an opportunity to travel thru blogland peeking into everyone's lives. I must bookmark yours. Have a lovely day and thank you for commenting on my giveaway. Once upon a time I lived in Asia and got to visit Sydney. I wanted desperately to live there. Blessings, Karen

Naturegirl said...

Yvette I am delighted that you popped by my blog! I now can visit another Aussie!A salt shaker never looked better than in this watercolor!Nice meeting you NG :)