Monday, January 7, 2008

Enjoying the holidays

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be having such a complete break from it all!

I love my work, both paid and unpaid, but this month I am not working as we close the office for January and even my volunteer jobs slow right down (well, I still get plenty of breast pump enquiries, but ... oh, and I have been on email helpine roster this week, but otherwise).

It is so nice just to sit back and smell the ... well, scrapbooking glue, I guess! As well as pottering around on the home front having a bit of a spring clean, I am getting HEAPS of scrapbooking done! It is my greatest form of stress relief and my main creative outlet and even the extreme heat still allows me to do a little each day.

There are lots of New Years challenges online in the scrapping community, so I have bitten off lots more than I can chew and am chewing madly! Having a ball, trying new things and even getting to know me better!

You can see it all, over at

And here is today's latest effort!

Just wish we could ditch these excessive heat days we have been having, as they do drain all the energy from me. The MS might being subdued at the moment, but is still there, making its presence felt.

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