Monday, February 25, 2013

A Baby is Exciting!

Sharing the poem I wrote which was on the thank you packs we gave guests at Kaitlyn's baby shower.

With mums in public hospitals only being funded for "two mid-nights" for normal births, they really don't need to be swamped by visitors in hospital.
A Baby is exciting
A baby is such fun
But babies are so tiring
especially for mum

We know you'll be excited
and want to meet me quick
But here's the visit rule-book
to which you have to stick.

In hospital its family
and even then, just few
so you will be invited
if the the "list", it includes you.

Once back home is special
an invitation rare
so if you are invited
do take special care

Once we've settled in
we'd love to see you more
but please make an appointment
- don't rock up at the door!

And don't come empty-handed
we still need care you see
so a meal, some help, some washing
- not just sit and cuddle me!

Cos babies are exciting
They are just so much fun
But the early days are tiring
Especially for Mum

Yvette O'Dowd
Feel free to use/share as you wish (personal use, not commercial). ~

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