Friday, February 5, 2010

blog catch-up

I am sure there is probably a correct term for this, but I am just calling it a blog catch-up

I feel a little like 2010 is slipping through my fingers already, which is scary considering just what is on the agenda later in the year AKA The Wedding! So I am gathering my wits about me in an attempt to clear my head space a little.

It is already five days into February and I feel like January is still kind of new! But here we are - a week after the big Engagement Party and just about caught our breath after the lead up and actuality of that! We had a wonderful party , nothing went wrong and everyone said they had a terrific time. Still takes a lot out of you, even when it is all perfect. I have no idea exactly how many people we entertained over the day between midday and midnight (plus) but it was at least sixty.It was so lovely to bring together branches of the two families and entwine them into a new mix that will become the Greig/O'Dowd family. Amazing how many connections already exisited that we didn't know about - all feels very "small town" sometimes!

The lead up to the party inclluded the typical home improvements that seem like a good idea at the time but just add to the stress! So Rodney repolished the lounge room floor boards and resealed the deck, while I repainted the hallway.It all looks great but took a lot out of us at the time!

January 23rd was Rodney's birthday, but only a week out from the party, it was a bit hectic!So that means it is Kieran's birthday next week (February 13th) and Melissa's three weeks after that (March 9th)! Then some down time celebration-wise, until the whirlwind of pre-wedding stuff kicks in (oh, and my birthday in July, but I don't have to think about that!)

Creative-wise, I am tackling the 365 Project, which is a daily photo challenge for the whole year - I figured it is a good year to record! The photos are being compiled into a Project Life album, which I have set up to just add the photo and journal as I go. And just to add interest to chaos, I am doing a LOAD -LlayOut A Day - challenge for February, where I need to create a scrapbook page every day.

So, all in all, not really surprising that I am a little shattered on the health-front right now and feel like I need a year's worth of catch up sleep!This week saw the return of both yoga and water aerobics, so my fitness level will hopefully get back on track. And if we can get some reasonable weather, I can get my walking back on track.I am just pacing myself for now, frustrated as ever that my body prevents me doing all that I wish, and that my brain is foggy and thoughts are scattered and delayed. mmm.

So that's my catch up for now. One of my goals is to blog more regularly this year, so hopefully you will hear from me more often!

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