Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yvette's Favourite Things 2009

Like Oprah, I like to share the good stuff I discover.

Unlike Oprah, I can't give them to a few hundred people, so you will have to make do with this list of links instead :) If I own these things, I have bought them as a consumer and recieve nothing for posting them here, it is a genuine recommendation.

Eco Silk bags - I own six of these in different colours and when I pull them out of my bag, checkout and other sales staff ooh and ah, as do other customers! I am seriously thinking of asking them for some business cards to hand out! I LOVE these bags - I can squish up six shopping bags in my handbag and they take up no room; the colours make me happy; I use them for stuff other than shopping too and think they would be great for travellers.

Squiz cards - Oh how I love these! I have them hanging from my keys, attached to my mobile phone and in my wallet and when I want to give someone my details, I never need a pen! I am going to order a set with my work details too.

Louenhide bags - I bought this great bag in April and it is still going strong after being my daily bag ever since! I love the colours they come in but am also impressed by the materials and craftsmanship. I look forward to getting another :)

Belkin Pocket Top laptop case - My lovely orange friend has done a great job as my work horse this year, helping my laptop as it ventures between home and work and between desk and bed! I love it!

Book Niche - I wanted to show you the sleep shirt I bought, which is now out of stock, but now I have seen they have jammies, so guess what I am getting?

I hope you enjoyed my favourite things too :)

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tokara said...

Thanks Yvette for sharing your fav things for 2009...