Monday, March 9, 2009

Quarter Century

Twenty five years ago right now, my life changed forever.

In a moment, I moved into the role of mother.

Today Melissa is celebrating her 25th birthday and I am reflecting on that life-changing moment. Up until then, like most pregnant women, I had focussed on Having a Baby!!! I was "fully prepared", which meant I had read all the pregnancy, child birth and parenting books on the library shelves (twice), I had all the "necessities" as proscribed in those texts, I had completed my antenatal classes and packed my hospital bag. I had even gotten my head around the last-minute (37 weeks)shift from natual birth to elective caeserean.

I really believed we were all set!

Isn't it the biggest joke of all - letting expectant first-time mothers lull themseleves into a state of preparedness? As if anything could prepare you for the cataclismic shift about to occur in your life. A change which has absolutely nothing to do with 3 dozen whiter-than-white cloth nappies!

You see, I am still recovering from that shock that hits with more power than any earthquake, cyclone or bushfire and leaves such long-lasting after effects. The laughable suggestion that the umbilical cord is severed soon after birth, when all mothers know it is a magical connection that lasts for eternity, stretching but never breaking as your infant becomes toddler, child becomes teenager and hurtles into life as an adult - all while you were briefly blinking the tears of joy from your eyes.

Mothering really is a career of a lifetime.


MJ said...

What a gorgeous post!!
My little boy turned one on Saturday- seems like yesterday I was vomiting over the balcony waiting for the taxi to go to hospital...goes so quickly.

dinnae said...

Oh WOW Yvette, that brought tears to my eyes. To know that my bonds with X and Shan will ever grow is an amazing thought... thank you for sharing such beautiful words. (((HUGS))) from o/s. :*