Friday, August 22, 2008


Some people refer to it a "taking the dog for a walk"

Some people have not done this with Molly!

I am in two minds about what I am actually doing.

Sometimes it feels like I am escorting a small alien on an Earth fact-finding tour. Something gets her attention, she stops, looks questionly at me, I tell her what it is and we move on. The amusement factor for others is quite clear to me, thank you for pointing it out! Nothing so funny as woman having converstaions in public with a small dog, who is wearing a funky coat, but acting like she is atired in lab coat and serious glasses.

Other times, I feel I am but a humble servant accompanying royalty on a tour of her realm. My job is to keep her from harm while she meets and greets her public.It is her opniion - and life experience - that everyone in her presence adores her. As she struts by in her purple coat and matching harness, which delightfully coordinate with her baby pink collar and lead, I endlessly advise her vital statistics to her people. As I am trying to familiarise her with the local shops in walking distance and said shops have high human traffic, my public humiliation is just about complete!

There is, however, a third version of walking, perhaps the most humiliating of all. It is the reluctant walk. This is where the short one isn't so keen after all and requires the taller one to take one of two actions: coax her step by step with foul-smelling liver treats or pick up the whole package and complete the bracing walk in the winter air for all to see.

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